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Protect Your Roof from only $299.

Attention homeowners! Are you neglecting the maintenance of your roof? Look no further than our massively popular ‘Roof Care Program’, offered exclusively by your trusted local roofing contractor. Our super affordable Roof Care Program takes care of all your annual roof maintenance requirements for total peace of mind.

For just $299, this comprehensive package includes a range of incredible services and benefits. Read on to learn more!

What’s Included in the ‘Roof Care’ Program?

Firstly, a member of our professional team will perform a thorough Roof Warrant of Fitness check, examining all the components of your roofing system and highlighting any potential issues (if any), as well as identifying any free repairs we can carry out for you when we return to do the full service. This thorough inspection is done once every 5 years to ensure we stay on top of your roof’s maintenance requirements.

The star of our Roof Care Program is our incredible soft wash treatment, which will remove all fungi, algae, lichen, moss and dirt without damaging your roof surface, spouting or paintwork. After your first ‘removal’ treatment, we apply a ‘proofing’ treatment the following year, which will ensure you never experience any new organic growth or dirt build up for the next 12 months, guaranteed!

With our Roof Care Program, you’ll also benefit from FREE Minor Repairs, resolving minor leaks before they become major problems. Has your roof suddenly developed a leak? Has the ceiling changed colour? We will book you in fast, identify the cause and fix it for you there and then if possible, or provide a temporary solution.

Performed by Trusted, Professional Roofers.

Your gutter system manages the flow of water off the roof and away from the home. Blocked gutters can cause serious damage to your home. As part of our Roof Care Program. we will take care of all your Gutters. Clearing them out to prevent any blockages. 

Plus, our skilled local roofers will attend to Minor Roof Repairs, giving immediate attention to any small issues that arise such as popped nails, lifting flashings, missing mortar or broken tiles.

And finally, to sweeten the deal even more, customers are entitled to 10% discount on any further work required. 

So don’t delay. Protect your investment today with our affordable ‘Roof Care Program’ and ensure a long-lasting, safe, and secure roof for many years to come for only $299!


Roof Wash

We remove all the dirt, grime and more.


Roof Report

We leave no stone unturned.


Leak Repairs

We include all minor leaks.


Gutter Clean

We professionally clean your gutters.


Roof Repairs

All minor roof repairs are included.


10% Discount

On any further roof work required.

As long as you do not live in a mansion or have a large commercial complex, it really does only cost $299! No surprise extras, no half-complete jobs. Just professional roofers maintaining the roof of your home exactly as it requires.

We include all the essentials that homeowners need to maintain a healthy roof in order to maximise its lifespan. Such as: A professional roof clean, a comprehensive roof report, repairs of minor leaks, a thorough clean of all guttering, minor roof repairs and last but not least - 10% discount on any further work.

To inform you of the current state of your roof in as much detail as possible. This serves to keep you fully aware and with complete transparency whilst proving you insight of any future work and when they are likely to be performed so there are no surprises.