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Skylights: A Transformative Addition To Your Kapiti Home


Did you know there are 40 skylight installers just in the Kapiti region? This shows how popular they’ve become in New Zealand. The Kapiti Coast is no exception, with many homes now opting for skylights.

Skylights are now well featured in the architecture of Kapiti homes, aiming to catch the abundant sunshine. Adding them can really transform your home, making it light-filled and connected to nature. Rockstar Roofing Solutions focuses on fitting skylights perfectly to homes in Kapiti, whether they’re old or new.

The Rockstar team ensures skylights are more than just good-looking. They also boost your home’s energy efficiency. This matters a lot in Kapiti, where saving energy matters to many. Energy-saving skylights help cut down on using lighting and heating, they can even help to avoid investing in a costly HVAC system.

Want to update your old house or add a modern touch to your new one? Rockstar Roofing has the right skylight for you. These skylights not only enhance your house’s look but also boost green credentials.

But the change isn’t just in looks. Velux skylights can fill your home with the bright Kapiti sunshine, improving your mood and energy. They can be a game-changer for your living space.

Why Kapiti Homes are Perfect for Skylights

Kapiti homes are located in one of the most beautiful, sunny regions of New Zealand. This makes them a perfect location for skylights. Not only do they look good but also help save the environment.

Benefits of Natural Light

Adding skylights to Kapiti homes bring huge amounts of light indoors. Natural light lifts moods and increases the beauty of a space. It also makes rooms feel bigger. In a small home in Kapiti, a large skylight shining above a lounge lights up the area naturally and allows residents to enjoy stargazing.

Energy Savings and Efficiency

Energy-efficient skylights are a win for homeowners. They cut down on electricity use, lowering power bills. This is because skylights let in enough light to sometimes not need lamps.

Understanding Different Types of Skylights

It’s important to pick the right type of skylight to make the most of their benefits. Each skylight has its own unique perks, depending on its design and use. We’ll look at four main types: fixed, ventilated, solar-powered, and Velux skylights.

Fixed Skylights

Fixed skylights are key in updated home designs, giving steady natural light and clear sky views. They’re perfect for rooms needing no added air but wanting lots of sunlight. Fixed Skylights Fixed Fixed skylights are easy to care for, and a popular pick for those who want a simple and affordable skylight. They boost a room’s light and energy efficiency too.

Ventilated Skylights

Ventilated skylights, or roof windows, boost air flow in your home. They can be opened to let fresh air inside, lessening indoor air issues and moisture. Choosing ones with moisture sensors is smart too; they shut automatically when it’s raining. They also come in motorised versions for added convienence but this comes at a cost.

Solar-Powered Skylights

Solar-powered skylights fit well with green living, especially in Kapiti. They use the sun’s energy, which cuts down on electric use and supports eco-friendly living. For instance, VELUX Solar “Fresh Air” Skylights improve air too and qualify for solar tax incentives.

Velux Skylights

VELUX skylights are known for their top-notch quality and clever designs. They have a variety of options from manual to electric, suitable for different homes. Known for their strength, VELUX skylights use LoE3-366® glass, which is excellent for saving energy and stay looking good over time. Plus, VELUX offers a 10-year Hail Breakage Warranty on laminated glass.

So, learning about different skylights types can guide you to choose the right one for your property. You can pick them for more sunshine or to boost air quality, even automate movement. Each kind brings something special to modern skylight designs.

Custom Skylight Installation by Rockstar Roofing Solutions

Rockstar Roofing Solutions is known for excellent custom skylight installations in Wellington. They offer top-notch customer service and high-quality work. The team works closely with clients, ensuring each skylight fits both aesthetically and functionally.

custom skylight installation

Why Choose Rockstar Roofing Solutions

With over 15 years of experience, the team at Rockstar Roofing is highly skilled. They focus on skylight installations, aiming to be the best in this field. The company gives free quotes and guarantees their work for many years.

They tailor their services to meet the diverse roof and skylight needs of Kapiti homeowners. This makes every home they work on more beautiful and valuable.

Areas Served in Wellington Region

Rockstar Roofing Solutions serves Porirua, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, and all of the Kapiti Coast. This includes areas like Paraparaumu, Waikanae, and Otaki. The company understands the unique styles of these places and offers skylight solutions that match.

They are among the top 30% of roofers in the area who focus on skylights. Their approach combines local preferences with environmental concerns, making them stand out in the region.

Contact Information: 022 468 5215 &

If you’re interested in enhancing your home’s natural light with a skylight, contact Rockstar Roofing Solutions. They also offer expert roofing maintenance. Reach out at 022 468 5215 or for a no obligation quote.

Maintenance Tips for Long-Lasting Skylights

Taking care of your skylights is key to keep enjoying clear views and good performance. It’s important to do regular maintenance to make your skylights last longer. Keeping them clean and checking them now and then are simple but important steps. They help your skylights work well and look good.

Interior Cleaning Strategies

For inside cleaning, start with simple steps. Use a mild soap or vinegar for the glass. Don’t use products containing petroleum as they can harm the glass and its frame. Choose milder cleaning agents to clean and protect your skylights.

Without following gentle methods, you might leave scratches or strip coatings. Always use soft cloths or sponges. Doing this helps keep your views clear and enjoyable without the risk of any damage.

Exterior Cleaning and Safety

Exterior cleaning can be tricky because skylights are high up. It’s best to hire professionals for this. They have the tools and skills for safe and thorough cleaning.

Regular Inspections

It’s vital to regularly check your skylights for any issues. Look for worn seals, cracks, or leaks. Check the drainage too to avoid water or debris buildup which is very common in autumn.

Exterior condensation is normal in well-performing windows. Don’t worry too much about this. Annual professional checks can really help though for peace of mind. They reduce the chances of problems and keep your skylights energy efficient. Companies like Rockstar Roofing Solutions can help you keep your skylights in shiny top-notch condition.

Following these maintenance tips is important, no matter what type of skylights you have. They ensure your skylights stay beautiful and functional for a long time.


What are the benefits of incorporating skylights into homes on the Kapiti Coast?

Skylights bring more natural light inside your home. This makes your living spaces brighter and more inviting. They also cut down on energy costs by lessening the need for lights. This is good for the environment too.

What types of skylights are suitable for residential and commercial use in Kapiti?

Several skylight types work well for homes and businesses. These include fixed skylights for great views, ventilated skylights for fresh air, and solar-powered skylights to save energy. Velux skylights are also popular for their quality and variety.

Why should I consider custom skylight installation from Rockstar Roofing Solutions?

With a focus on Kapiti’s unique styles, Rockstar Roofing Solutions offers custom skylight installations. Their team ensures your skylight boosts energy efficiency and looks great. They offer one-on-one advice and top-notch service across Wellington.

How do skylights contribute to energy savings in my home?

Skylights bring in daylight, which means you use less electricity. This cuts your power bills. They also improve natural ventilation, reducing the need for HVAC systems. This all helps save energy in your home.

How can I maintain my skylights to ensure they remain in optimal condition?

Keeping skylights clean and well-maintained is crucial. Use a mild soap for the inside glass. For outside, professionals are best for safety. Regular checks help spot problems early and keep your skylights working efficiently.

What cleaning and safety tips should I follow for exterior skylight maintenance?

For outside, safety is key, especially for high spots. Professional cleaners have the right skills and tools to do it safely. They can keep your skylights working well and ensure clear views.

What regions does Rockstar Roofing Solutions serve within Wellington?

Rockstar Roofing Solutions works in Wellington’s surrounding areas. This includes Porirua, Lower Hutt, and the Kapiti Coast. They provide custom skylight services and maintenance that fit the local style and weather.

How can I contact Rockstar Roofing Solutions for a skylight installation consultation?

To talk about skylight installation, contact Rockstar Roofing Solutions. Call them at 022 468 5215 or email Their team is experienced and ready to help you choose and install the best skylight for your home.

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